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Western Wake Wellness is a unique collaborative health center and medical home for patients of all ages.
Mission Statement
Our core values are simple: Quality, evidence-based healthcare; personal relationships based on mutual respect; and a pro-active approach to prevention and wellness.
Western Wake Wellness center was created as a partnership between Dr. Cynthia Young (Family Physician) and Dr. Daniel Mudryk (Chiropractic Physician). They share a vision of a small, independent office where patient care and service are our highest priorities.



Our practice is welcoming new patients.

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INSURANCE UPDATE - If you receive a letter from your insurance company that says your Western Wake Wellness provider is no longer considered "in network" with your insurance plan, please DON'T PANIC. We are still in-network with ALL major insurance providers listed here on our website. Recently, we ended a relationship with a management company we had outgrown - we will now be doing our own billing starting August 1st, which we expect will improve turnaround time and claims accuracy. We needed to re-certify under our own billing credentials, so you may receive a form letter from your insurance company. Your insurance coverage and access to care will not be affected by the transition.


FEE SCHEDULE UPDATE - Effective August 1st, all nurse visits will be subject to a co-pay due at the time of service. This will include visits for vaccinations and medication administration, and suture removal or dressing changes for procedures not performed in our office. Our intent is to make our office policies fair for all patients, and to remain in full compliance with the terms of our insurance contracts. We appreciate your understanding.


OUTSIDE LAB DRAW POLICY UPDATE - Effective immediately, we request that if you are having "outside" labs drawn in our office (any lab order not written by a provider at Western Wake Wellness), please drop off (fax, email) the order 3 days in advance. We welcome WWW patients to use our lab facility - LabCorp accepts all major insurance plans, and we think our fantastic phlebotomist is one of the best! To ensure that the correct tests are ordered, we sometimes have to contact the ordering physician for clarification, or we may need to special-order supplies in advance for uncommon tests or give you special instructions before you arrive. For your convenience, we prefer to do this ahead of time, and not have to keep you waiting. Thank you for your cooperation.

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401 Keisler Drive, Suite 101

Cary NC 27518


 Phone: 919-378-1492

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Phone: 919-378-1492

Fax: 919-239-4670