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Updates will be posted here regularly. We may be operating with a smaller-than-usual staff, so please have patience with our hardworking front desk staff, they are answering calls as quickly as possible!


If you feel you cannot travel safely due to weather conditions, missed appointment fees do not apply. Your safety is most important. We will reschedule your appointment if necessary. 




Western Wake Wellness is a unique collaborative health center and medical home for patients of all ages.
Mission Statement
Our core values are simple: Quality, evidence-based healthcare; personal relationships based on mutual respect; and a pro-active approach to prevention and wellness.
Western Wake Wellness center was created as a partnership between Dr. Cynthia Young (Family Physician) and Dr. Daniel Mudryk (Chiropractic Physician). They share a vision of a small, independent office where patient care and service are our highest priorities.



Our practice is open and welcoming patients.

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Office Location

401 Keisler Drive, Suite 101

Cary NC 27518


 Phone: 919-378-1492

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Phone: 919-378-1492

Fax: 919-239-4670